Savoring the Soul of the Best Cocido in Madrid

When it comes to Spanish cuisine, tapas often steal the spotlight with their array of small, flavorful dishes meant for sharing. However, for those in the know, Madrid boasts its own culinary treasure that deserves just as much attention – Cocido Madrileño: the ultimate comfort food. In this post you will find the best cocido in Madrid.

One of the best things about Cocido Madrileño is its versatility. While the basic recipe remains consistent, each household, restaurant, or tavern puts its own unique spin on the dish, adding special touches or family recipes passed down through generations. Some may serve it all together in one hearty bowl, while others present it in separate courses, allowing diners to savor each component individually.

Traditionally enjoyed during Thursdays in the colder months, Cocido Madrileño is available all year around, everyday. Have you heard about the infamous Tik-Tok challenges? Madrileños and madrileñas have been teasing each-other for decades to enjoy cocido in the hot months of July or August.

The Three Courses of the Best Cocido in Madrid

Traditionally, Cocido Madrileño is served in three courses, each more delicious than the last:

First Course

The star of the show is the flavorful broth, rich with the essence of simmered meats and vegetables. Served piping hot, it warms the soul and whets the appetite for what’s to come.

Second Course

Next up are the meats – a mouthwatering array of chorizo, morcilla (blood sausage), tocino (bacon), beef, and sometimes even chicken or pork. Tender and succulent, these meats are the heart and soul of Cocido Madrileño.

Third Course

Last but certainly not least, we have the chickpea stew. Simmered in the same flavorful broth as the meats, the chickpeas soak up all the delicious juices, resulting in a dish that’s both hearty and satisfying.

Where to Enjoy the Best Cocido in Madrid

La Bola Taberna

Steeped in history dating back to the 19th century, La Bola Taberna is an iconic Madrid establishment celebrated for its rendition of Cocido Madrileño. Three courses of pure yum, and you’ll be licking your lips for days. La Bola’s cocido is a favorite among locals and tourists alike

Casa Lhardy

If you’re into fancy dining, Casa Lhardy is your spot. They’ve been doing this since before your grandparents were born. Their Cocido Madrileño is like a work of art – tasty, classy, and totally picture-worthy. If you are up for it, you could also try the other madrileño speciality here: callos (tripe).

La Gran Tasca

Nestled in the vibrant Malasaña neighborhood, La Gran Tasca puts a modern spin on traditional Spanish fare, including a delectable Cocido Madrileño. Tender meats, flavorful broth, and those chickpeas? They’re the bomb.

Casa Carola

Right smack in the middle of Madrid, Casa Carola is renowned for its authentic Cocido Madrileño served in a welcoming ambiance, do not let yourself fooled by the lack of fanciness, their cocido is unexpensive and good!

Taberna De La Daniela

With several spots over Madrid, Taberna de la Daniela’s got Cocido Madrileño down to a science. Big portions, big flavors. Here you will find a cozy and inviting atmosphere where guests can savor the true essence of Spanish comfort food.

Find Your Own Best Cocido in Madrid!

Each of these restaurants promises a memorable and mouthwatering Cocido Madrileño experience, showcasing the rich culinary heritage of Madrid with every delicious scoop. After eating Cocido Madrileño, make time for the siesta, you won’t be hungry for hours and hours.

It doesn’t matter if the weather is hot or if we are off lunch or dining time: I always can enjoy a Cocido Madrileño. We can gather together and walk around the city or plan your next trip; who knows? Maybe we will find the missing spot on this list!