Amanda Buttinger

Tour Guide & Travel Consultant


I’m Amanda and I’d love to be your friend in Spain. For 18 of my 25 years in Spain. I have guided Rick Steves Europe tours and researched and updated Rick Steves’ guidebooks.

Being an American and having lived in Madrid for more than half of my life, I have an understanding and sensitivity from both sides of the ocean. Let’s design your visit and hit the streets together…from Madrid to the rest of Spain. With Gather To Travel I can accompany you and create your unique trip.

In 2020 my husband Cris and I created Gather To Travel as a virtual tour experience service to help tourists and travelers to visit Spain from home.

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We can go on a tour of historic Madrid and focus on the city’s background, architecture, culture, life, and the heartbeat of the city. I will also give you some great tools on how to move about Madrid and Spain during your stay here.

I’ve meet a lovely woman who baked, so we did the historical tour passing by pastry shops and bakeries. 

A group of three couples was intrigued with the Spanish Civil War and history, so we looped in some specific spots to talk about it. 

I got to show two teens who love football (soccer) where the Madrid teams celebrate victories and talk about all the star players.

A woman wanted to surprise her husband with a Flamenco dance class, and so I organized the reservation and ended our tour there!

I like to hear what travelers are interested in to highlight this on my tours.

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Are you planing the trip ahead? Need help calculating days, chosing transport or designing your itinerary? Drop me some lines, give me a call or  book a videocall session. We are Gather to Travel! We will be happy to help you.

Learn more about me from my interview here on

Churros & Porras

Try this little appeteaser, and begin to satisfy your travel craving! This Spanish classic street food has been around since Roman Hispania times. Find a churrería in every neighborhood…


My rate is €60 per hour per group. My tours are usually 3 hours, though some people extend the tour to 4.
Folks like to have a break at some point in the tour to taste some Spanish treats: churros and chocolate, wine and a tapa, café and pastries. Learn about real everyday Spanish food and also to charge through the day! Those treats would be separately paid depending on what you are interested in trying. I do not work with commissions ever as it is not a fair practice. When I travel, I certainly don’t want people taking commissions from me!
The same rates apply to travel consultations.

Amanda was an excellent tour guide.

She was knowledgeable about the cities, and she was approachable at all times. She was calm and reassuring about our abilities to explore on our own during our free time.
Sue (Aurora, IL)

My wife and I, as well as our friends found the 3 hour tour the best part of our visit to Madrid.

Her account of the history and development of Madrid brought the city to life for us. Also, her charm and attentiveness to our needs during the tour were much appreciated. We all hope to her you on our next visit to Madrid. 
David (Lexington, KY)

A warm, friendly & knowledgeable guide sets the tone from the start.

Yeah Amanda!! Spain was beautiful with many amazing things to see.

Mary Louise (Bismarck, ND)

In a word, amazing.

Amanda was an excellent guide; clear communicator, clear expectations, which I appreciated.

Amy (Des Moines, IA)